Hold-all / Denim Blue

Hold-all / Denim Blue

Brand: Chindi


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Our recycled pouches are constructed one knot at a time and made to size and shape. Which means our making process is completely zero waste. Not one bit of yarn gets wasted! 

It is 100% recycled using discarded textiles and garments--your old jeans, navy suits, and blue cotton dresses were all pulped, recycled and respun into yarn and handwoven by craftswomen from India.


Handmade This product is handmade and may therefore have small differences and flaws that only add to its uniqueness and charm
Recycled textile waste

Made from recycled garments the equivalent of 2 t-shirts

Low-income craftswomen from India

Your purchase supports livelihoods of low-income craftswomen in India

Time to make

 This bag takes a single craftswoman ~12 hours to make

Weave: Crochet in the single stitch

Features: Cotton lining, Zipper

Dimensions Dimensions: 9" x 8"
Handmade in India Handmade in India


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