Handpainted Black SneakON Shoes

Handpainted Black SneakON Shoes

Brand: Funky Kalakar


Regular price Rs. 3,990.00


The fish is a small creature in the underworld that doesn‰ۡó»t fear the bigger. It shines through the waters radiating valour and grace. Be that source of light to illuminate the dark for yourself and for those who need it.


* 100% handmade.

* Handpainted using a 2500-year-old art form know a Madhubani.
* The sole is made by up-cycling rubber from scrap tyres
* The upper and inside lining is made up of cotton
* Upcycled soft cushion padding on the bottom and inside
* Shipped with a hand-woven cotton tote bag
* Please note the dyes and glues on our products are all vegan, making our shoes eco & vegan-friendly.

Kindly note that this product is on made to order basis and will take around 15-20 days to dispatch.

Size Guide (in Cms)

* 36 = 22.5
* 37 = 23.0
* 38 = 24.0
* 39 = 24.5
* 40 = 25.5
* 41 = 26.0

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