Fairtrunk Offline | Button Masala Workshop

Fairtrunk Offline | Button Masala Workshop

Brand: Fairtrunk


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Button Masala is a unique technique of making apparel and products using buttons and rubber bands alone! No cutting, No Sewing, No wastage. 

“It’s the fastest way to make a garment. Takes me three minutes on an average,” he says and adds, “I am a lazy person and always wanted to do something quick and easy. That’s when, in 2009, I came up with this process of using only buttons to create clothes. And, in the same year, I launched my label Button Masala.”, as told to The Hindu.

In this 3 hour workshop, Anuj will take you through a step-by-step hands-on tutorial. 

Time: 2 PM TO 5 PM

Please Note: You need to get 3-5 mtrs fabric (of your choice) for this workshop, the rest of the material shall be provided. 

Save your spot.. Limited seats! 

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