Doug (Pack of 10)

Doug (Pack of 10)

Brand: No Nasties


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Besides No Nasties, we also run an amazing non-profit initiative called Once Upon A Doug -  a social enterprise aimed at giving women from the cotton farming communities of India a secondary source of income.

But who's Doug?
Doug is a fashion accessory in the shape of a cloud which is hand-made by the women in their spare time using recycled cotton fabric. The local word for cloud is "dhug", which we have translated and personified into Doug!

He is a symbol of their struggles & their strengths; of their hopes & freedom. He's their silver lining on a cloudy day!

(Sold in a pack of 10)

Fyi, Doug is completely volunteer driven and No Nasties does not profit from it. 100% of the proceeds from the project go to the women and their farming communities.

What do I do with Doug?

The possibilities are endless.

  • Wear Doug as a bracelet, a necklace, a head band.
  • Tie him on your backpack or your bicycle!
  • A keychain. A bookmark. A Christmas tree decoration. A gift wrapping thingy.

Get creative!



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