Ceirra Mini Tote bag - Black +  Natural

Ceirra Mini Tote bag - Black + Natural

Brand: Arture

SKU: 16-02-MCI-0501

Regular price Rs. 8,900.00

Arture’s perfect mid-sized vegan luxury bag, the Mini Cierra is compact and stylish. It fits everything you need to carry everyday. It comes with multiple pockets for great organization, and 4 signature easy-access loops that can hold keys, earphones or charger,. Now, you don’t have to hunt around for them. Made from vegan leather, it’s beautiful to look at with no compromise on functionality. Plus it is PETA approved.
Material : Cork Fabric&Organic Cotton
Care : A simple wash with any mild cleansing solution will do the trick, and restore your product to its original beauty.
Dimensions : 18.11*10.23*5.31

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