Blanc Nuage | Handcrafted Vegan Slip-On Shoes

Blanc Nuage | Handcrafted Vegan Slip-On Shoes

Brand: Funky Kalakar


Regular price Rs. 2,990.00


The motifs on this vibrant color for this pair keeps you perfectly light like the clouds, freshens your mood, keeping you calm and allowing a cavity with freedom to move like the azure sky.

* 100% handmade
* The sole is made by up-cycling rubber from scrap tyres̴Ì_
* The upper is made up of cotton̴Ì_and dyed using Ajrakh technique.̴Ì_
* Breathable cotton lining inside and bottom̴Ì_
* Upcycled soft cushion padding on the bottom and inside̴Ì_
* Shipped with hand-woven cotton tote bag̴Ì_
* Please note the dyes and glues on our̴Ì_products̴Ì_are all vegan, making our shoes eco & vegan-friendly.

Size Guide (in Cms)

* 36 = 23.4
* 37 = 24.0
* 38 =̴Ì_24.6
* 39 =̴Ì_25.2
* 40̴Ì_=̴Ì_25.8
* 41̴Ì_= 26.4

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