All Natural & Biodegradable Sanitary Pads | Box of 30

All Natural & Biodegradable Sanitary Pads | Box of 30

Brand: Carmesi


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Made with the finest natural ingredients, Carmesi skin-friendly sanitary pads keep your body safe from harmful synthetics & chemicals.


 No Rashes or Allergies

 Superior Absorption & Comfort

 Hassle-free Disposal

It’s time women take charge of their bodies and take notice of what they are exposed to, five days every month, for forty years of their lives. That’s why, we offer complete transparency about what our sanitary pads and panty liners contain, and that is - No Harmful Synthetics.

Better for your Body & the Environment

Carmesi pads are made with completely natural ingredients without the use of any harmful synthetics or chemicals. Not only do they keep your body safe but also prevent any damage to the environment.

Disposal Bags

Travel-friendly, Super-convenient, Biodegradable

  • 30 pads
  • Sizes: Regular : 280mm | XL : 315mm
  • One Storage Box

Millions of women in India do not have access to proper menstrual-care products. Carmesi resolves to provide a better and more confident future to all women. That's why, every time you buy our pads, a part of our earnings goes as a contribution to providing sanitary pads to an underprivileged woman.

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