Upcycle with us Fairtrunk

95% of discarded clothing can be recycled or upcycled, however, only around 20% actually gets upcycled. Which leaves us with over 70% of used clothes ending up in landfills. A majority of these might be synthetic fabrics, the ones that will only sit there for decades together and never really biodegrade. 

We seem to have forgotten that we only have 510 million sq. kms of area on our planet! No matter how many spacecrafts we build or how advanced technology gets, that isn't going to give us more land to fill up our scrap with. 

Start upcycling your old clothes now! Believe us, it isn't as difficult as it appears. We closely work with Chindi to repurpose your old clothes into bags, accessories and other useful products. Not only does this save us from all the chindis but all generates jobs for people at the grass root level.

All you have to do is, send us your old stuff!

BONUS ALERT: You get rewarded with a 10% discount on anything you shop from Fairtrunk! It's an absolute win-win.

It gets simpler from here.. once you've decided to send us your old clothes, all you need to do is:

  1. Send us an email on hello@fairtrunk.com 
  2. Pack your stuff & keep it ready
  3. Feel happy that you could make a difference. P.S.: every little bit counts :)

We'll have it picked & also pay for it! 

Now get going to your wardrobe and pull out that dress you almost forgot you had, we're awaiting your email.